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Statts-Williams shooting

5 Jul
I want to first start out by talking about something very personal to me a recent incident that happened to a friend in my neighborhood. My friend Jason Statts and David Williams were shot in the neck  by two men after unloading equipment after their first musical gig @ Savannah’s Live Wire Music Hall. This happened June 28th around 3am. the last couple of weeks have been emotional and painstaking. Jason  and David Williams are improving day by day in Savannah and Atlanta. Thursday night good news came- one of the men has been found and is in jail awaiting trial and they are still on the look out for the second, who was the shooter. This case went from few leads, no real evidence, a vague description to two known identities and one arrest. Halleluiah!! Below is the picture of the shooter still at large: if you know his whereabouts please call 911.

Desmond Hunter

 I also wanted to share a letter I wrote which will be distributed to anyone that will listen, Mayor, Police chief, John Barrow, etc so that we as Savannah Residents learn from this experience and improve our city and our neighborhoods. I am glad and excited that one of the men is behind bars and that we are half way there but we have to remember this isn’t  done when the men are behind bars, this is an ongoing fight. The letter is still a work in progress, its hard to put down on paper how i feel about this, this event has really affected me and I want to now keep this momentum up and really make change.

Dear ….


I am writing you this letter in response to the June 28th  shooting of 34 year old Jason Statts & 31 year old David Williams. My name is Emily and like the victims, I am a resident of Ardsley Park. In fact I live within a block of the shooting. I am 26 years old, a recent graduate of Armstrong Atlantic State University; I take public transportation, walk my dog, and enjoy the simple pleasures of living in a beautiful neighborhood. But for the first time in 4 years I am both frightened and outraged. I cannot believe this happened in our neighborhood. I cannot believe this happened to someone I know and care about. I cannot believe it!  


I know that it is tempting to gloss over this event and pretend like it cannot happen to you or your family. It is very tempting for me as well. But this quite literally happened too close for comfort. Jason and his wife Lyra are friends of mine. We cannot ignore this. Until both of these men are found and convicted there is no justice for the two men that fight to recover. I know that the Savannah Police Department is doing their best and has really been pounding the pavement but there is still more to do and one more man to find. I know the reward has been boosted to nearly $9,000 and that the Local news stations have been keeping it in the minds of residents. But we need to do more. I fear that in a week or two once the shooter is found the story will cool and the media will move onto other stories and we will chalk this up to some random event and nothing will change. This cannot happen.


I beg you to do all you can; including making sure there are more cops patrolling Ardsley Park especially between 10pm and 4am. There also needs to be more street lights along the streets and especially Daffin Park in order to improve visibility. Savannah Police Department and  residents need to work together more closely so that residents have the power of knowledge that will give them a clear understanding and awareness of what is important and what to look out for.




I also really wanted to share some links with you:




* i love the article in the Connect, it was heartfelt and smart. Please read: