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The Mother Project

11 Nov

I watched the most amazing documentry: “Tierney Gearon’s The Mother Project”– it is something you should definately netflix! Tierney is a photographer who has had alot of recent battles with the media because of the nature of her photography. She is a mother of three and takes beautiful pictures of her children and her mom…and people were calling her pictures indecent and even pornographic. This is a similar thing people used to say about Saly Mann. Anyways she started a new series surrounding her mother and her day to day life. Her mother suffers from Schizophrenia.

I should back up and say that contemporary photography as a whole perplexes me. I believe the current push or trend is to push the line that seperates fine art and snapshots. I find alot of contemporary photography cold and sometimes lifeless. Now I do want to say that I do see its place and still have an appreciation and respect it just creates an uneasiness within me. That being said Tierney’s photos get me in my gut. It is a reaction I cannot explain. They are similar to how i feel standing in front of  Frida Kahlo painting. I was talking to my mom about this and how the first time I saw a Kahlo painting I hated them. I thought paintings had to be beautful to be art. It was the first time I learned that art can also be heart wrenching and painful as well as triumphant.

Look for your self- I do wanna say that these pictures are taken from the web and from her site> http://www.tierneygearon.com Also check out an interview on her site. Very interesting!!