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Tea for Two & Other Anecdotes

16 Nov

Wow!! What a week…. So many things to update you on…..

This week I had  toning party for my experimental photography class. I toned some of my Texaco and Carnival pictures in tea, red wine and coffee. Tea worked great and gave a beautiful aged, “old newspaper” clipping kind of look.  Coffee didn’t work too well and wine was beautiful. Oh and by the way my kitchen smelled like mulled wine. Mmmm.

I have this new series that I am working on  that is an expansion of my Artist Series. Where I went into artist studios and took pictures of the process behind creating work and also the workspace- papers strewn, paint splotches on the wall of previous paintings etc. They are very photo-journalistic and I thought it might be nice to tea stain them and give the feel of an old newspaper. We’ll see … I haven’t decided if it’s too gimmicky- Take a look:

100_0331.jpg                  100_0332.jpg                        100_0334.jpg

100_03361.jpg                     100_0338.jpg

Also, another bit of good news: after a stressful scare I am now officially graduating. Don’t ask…

So this last tuesday I took one exit exam and I now have one more to go plus roughly three weeks of school left and a gallery show. Whew…. I finished hanging my part of the show: 7 pictures from the artist series, and 7 from On Tobacco Road. They look really cool (that one is for you mom!!) No seriously the framing I bought makes my two bodies of work look distinct and professional. Look below for a sneak preview & don’t forget to mark your calenders for Nov. 30th 6-8pm. That is the gallery reception where all of us have to do a gallery talk.

100_0343.jpg           100_0346.jpg               100_0342.jpg