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23 Jan

I submitted some work to the JPG magazine. Now I just need you to help me get them in the magazine!! Links are below!

Thank you in advance~


Photo Blogs

21 Jan

In my daily surfing of the world wide web I came across a whole lot of photoblogs. Wow! There are some real awe inspiring photographers out there. I am inspired and jazzed and all the more sure that I am somehow among them if only as an amateur…take a look:



Montreal Photo




another great blog:

This blog is made up of great long exposure pictures. Check out the carnival ones…awesome!!

This is not a “photography” blog in the strictest sense but i am a avid watcher of this blog. so please check it out. I am proud enough to have this blogger as a friend and her work is incredible and incredibly creative! Enjoy!!!!


15 Jan

One of my favorite shows on TV is Sunday Morning on CBS. This Sunday I caught a quick minute of a story on Banksy the graffiti artist from London. His work is showing up all around London. The work is satirical, tongue and cheek and controversial. His work is primarily done with stencils and spray paint on very public walls, but apparently he recently had a gallery show where he painted on canvas instead of cement. His identity remains a secret.

I am a huge fan of graffiti art. Yes, I understand the controversy behind it but I think it just propels the medium even more. I do agree that is a form of vandalism but I also believe its is a new and exciting form of public art.

Decide for yourself:




artist series part 2

14 Jan

 Since my vacation from writing on my blog I forgot to show you my new work. The images below are the newest of the Artist Series. The artist series was  a series where I made the artist the art…read my artist statement below:

Artist Statement

Who is the modern painter? The bohemian searching for truth, the brilliant manic-depressive or the tortured soul? I explore this question by documenting the work of multiple artists as they advance in their career.

Through the lens of my 35mm, I become a fly on the wall of their studios searching for clues amongst the paint splatters and linseed oil. Using tight confrontational shots and panoramic studio environments, I give an honest, raw look at the modern artist struggling to create a new identity.

Behind closed doors the unseen artist creates. By using the artists’ own work to investigate their motives and inspiration and manipulating the line between art & artist, I breakdown the stereotypes that define the artist as larger than life and recreate him as an individual.

So as this statement suggests my new extentsion of the series focuses on the studio environment of an artist. I followed the painter as he planned, prepared, struggled and completed his body of art.

The prints are lith printed.

photos i love

13 Jan

I wanted to share some pictures with you. I recieved a couple of new photography books this Christmas and I have been flippng through them in order to educate myself better on the masters of photography. Here are some that I fell in love with:

Esther Bubley




francesca woodman



12 Jan

Hi world! Happy belated new year!

I start this year a college graduate on the job hunt. I have found myself a permanent fixture on all the major search engines like Monster and Yahoo in order to find a new job. What are my plans? I want to gather as much experience as I can in the next several  months in order to find a job I love in a cool art gallery.

The next step is picking the right city. Right now its a tie between Boston & Chicago…both cold as my mother reminds me. Mom and I are planning a trip to Boston in late April or early May. I want to see first hand if it is the city for me. Then hopefully a trip to Chicago will soon follow. I have already researched galleries in both cities and  I am already excited.  I have spent 3 1/2 years in Savannah and although I have enjoyed my time here i do miss a good play, a good concert and lots of galleries to choose from.

I do have a fun thing to report. I have started an internship at a local gallery called Dimensions Art Gallery on MLK Blvd. The gallery is run by a woman who is my age and who has really got a good thing going. She has gotten alot of press in Savannah for being THE spot to see student art. She has a really great business plan that includes a 5 year expansion plan. I will be her personal assistant and I start next thursday.

website: <>

Also I would like to announce  :

EGF     Photography. Which more or less started this Christmas when both my Aunt Bets and local friend Kathleen Boggs asked me to take pictures for their Christmas card.  I now have photoshop (thanks to my WONDERFUL mom) and am currently saving up for a nice digital SLR. So if you need a photographer for any occasion and you are in the Savannah area please email me!!!

Senior Exhibition

2 Dec

Hi everyone. Below are pictures from My senior exhibition gallery reception. Thank you to everyone that was able to come to my show..It was great seeing you all there and having your support!  10 more days till graduation whooo hooo!!!