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5 Jul

ok. so I am still plugging away at the gallery quest that I spoke of last time, I have been a bit distracted with local drama (see post below). But excuses aside I am trying to be more motivated about my photography, its sad really. But I bought a journal which I am writing ideas in and buying photography magazines to stay on top of photographers and news in the art world, now i just need to…SHOOT! Ugh, it’s something I love to do, so why am I having such a hard time getting motivated? Tips, suggestions, advice welcome….please!

A couple things I want to share….

BANKSY BANKSY BANKSY…Man, according to my blog stats I average about 200 posts daily just on my short banksy post….sheesh. I might sneak in a banksy tidbit every post (hehe). But seriously, I googled him again a minute ago and found everyone covering him now, there are t-shirts, forums, blogs devoted to him and his incredible graffitti…. Now Time magazine is claiming a recent picture phone pic has brought fans one step closer to the super anonymous artist’s identity.


I got my favorite photo magazines the other day and I have been pouring over them taking alot of notes in my new journal (yeah me). One of the things i am looking into and has been a longtime goal of having my own website featuring my work–I saw an ad for it seems interesting..I am still looking into it. I want a website but I am not saavy in that area at all and I just want a nice, easy to navigate site that looks professional. Are there others like this around that you guys know of or could suggest??? My eyes and ears are peeled….

One of my regular buys is B&W Magazine, this last issue was the results of their photo contest where they show all the winners and merit winners…I was rather unimpressed. I feel like 75% of the work was “look what I can do in photoshop” it was all technique and no content. Out of the whole magazine I found 6 I was interested in…6!!  Here are two:

Nadia Sablin

Her work in B&W were really nice, mostly of the people of Ukraine. Great portraiture. The work in the magazine were black and white whereas on her website they are color…jury is still out on what is more effective.

Gary Vann

His work in B&W was incredible…I tried his website and it was undergoing some updating so I couldn’t access it. The one from the magazine I loved was Graffitti Patrol the gentleman standing against the wall is ghostly and quiet, I actually didn’t notice him right away and I love that. Black LightCobb Web Architecture are also nice.

Image(s) of the day are two by Sally Mann, whom I love!! I just saw that a documentry is finally coming out about her.. What Remains, which I promptly added to my Netflix! Review to come! I also added a documentry called Bomb It which is about graffitti art and history….check it out fellow banksters!!


Too Long!!

7 Jun

Hi readers, I hope I have not lost all of you. I have been busy busy and have not been blogged for several months! I do have lots and lots to share though and pictures I want to show you so please stay tuned for that.

First of all I wanted to share a brief summary of some of my favorite things right now:

Music: Jamie Lindell, Duffy, Tristan Prettyman


* The Diving Bell & The Butterfly -if you haven’t seen it -you must see it. Its beautiful both in content and in cinematography-

*Once -I was fully ready not to like it but I ended up loving it- The music is great and a must have in your collection-

* The Piano -I may be the last person to see this movie but i found it a unconventional but beautiful love story-

Books: I just read a book by  Robert Adams called Why People Photograph. The book is basically a compliation of Essays written over a course of several years and encompasses many topics relating to iconic photographers as well as some funny and inspirational ancedotes. I highly recommend to everyone especially artists of any medium.

I also have gotten really into Podcasts lately. Some friends of mine in NYC have put together a podcast about day to day life, pop culture and art called the rascast which is short for the Rogue Artist Squadron >> Check it out.

I am also into a couple podcasts put out by NPR the best one is called Off the Shelf Poetry and it highlights various contemporary poets and reads their current work as well as interviewing them. I look forward to hearing it every week. My favorite podcast is a photography related podcast called The Candid Frame, which incidently also has a blog>> The shows are an hour long and they highlight a contemporary photographer and talk about their work and their vision as well as their inspirations and process. Very Very Interesting.

One last thing to leave you with …

This last Tuesday I went to a wonderful lecture at Trinity Methodist Church here in Savannah sponsored by the Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home Foundation. The Lecturer was Pulitzer Prize Winning Author of The Hours, Speciman Days & Flesh and Blood, Micheal Cunningham. I am sad to say I have not read any of his work but I did see the movie The Hours and was endlessly fascinated by it. That being said the lecture was probably one of the best I have seen, Mr. Cunningham was funny, charming and very charismatic. He spoke very highly of Flannery O’Connor and how her writing impacted him as a person and as a writer. He also read from one of his short stories which I loved! The story was a contination of a well known fairytale “The Six Swans”- I am sorry to say I do not know the title but it was a beautiful and funny story. Needless to say I am adding more and more books to my MUST READ pile.


Well thats it for now. Thanks and I hope you keep reading….


Tea for Two & Other Anecdotes

16 Nov

Wow!! What a week…. So many things to update you on…..

This week I had  toning party for my experimental photography class. I toned some of my Texaco and Carnival pictures in tea, red wine and coffee. Tea worked great and gave a beautiful aged, “old newspaper” clipping kind of look.  Coffee didn’t work too well and wine was beautiful. Oh and by the way my kitchen smelled like mulled wine. Mmmm.

I have this new series that I am working on  that is an expansion of my Artist Series. Where I went into artist studios and took pictures of the process behind creating work and also the workspace- papers strewn, paint splotches on the wall of previous paintings etc. They are very photo-journalistic and I thought it might be nice to tea stain them and give the feel of an old newspaper. We’ll see … I haven’t decided if it’s too gimmicky- Take a look:

100_0331.jpg                  100_0332.jpg                        100_0334.jpg

100_03361.jpg                     100_0338.jpg

Also, another bit of good news: after a stressful scare I am now officially graduating. Don’t ask…

So this last tuesday I took one exit exam and I now have one more to go plus roughly three weeks of school left and a gallery show. Whew…. I finished hanging my part of the show: 7 pictures from the artist series, and 7 from On Tobacco Road. They look really cool (that one is for you mom!!) No seriously the framing I bought makes my two bodies of work look distinct and professional. Look below for a sneak preview & don’t forget to mark your calenders for Nov. 30th 6-8pm. That is the gallery reception where all of us have to do a gallery talk.

100_0343.jpg           100_0346.jpg               100_0342.jpg


10 Nov