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5 Jul

ok. so I am still plugging away at the gallery quest that I spoke of last time, I have been a bit distracted with local drama (see post below). But excuses aside I am trying to be more motivated about my photography, its sad really. But I bought a journal which I am writing ideas in and buying photography magazines to stay on top of photographers and news in the art world, now i just need to…SHOOT! Ugh, it’s something I love to do, so why am I having such a hard time getting motivated? Tips, suggestions, advice welcome….please!

A couple things I want to share….

BANKSY BANKSY BANKSY…Man, according to my blog stats I average about 200 posts daily just on my short banksy post….sheesh. I might sneak in a banksy tidbit every post (hehe). But seriously, I googled him again a minute ago and found everyone covering him now, there are t-shirts, forums, blogs devoted to him and his incredible graffitti…. Now Time magazine is claiming a recent picture phone pic has brought fans one step closer to the super anonymous artist’s identity.


I got my favorite photo magazines the other day and I have been pouring over them taking alot of notes in my new journal (yeah me). One of the things i am looking into and has been a longtime goal of having my own website featuring my work–I saw an ad for it seems interesting..I am still looking into it. I want a website but I am not saavy in that area at all and I just want a nice, easy to navigate site that looks professional. Are there others like this around that you guys know of or could suggest??? My eyes and ears are peeled….

One of my regular buys is B&W Magazine, this last issue was the results of their photo contest where they show all the winners and merit winners…I was rather unimpressed. I feel like 75% of the work was “look what I can do in photoshop” it was all technique and no content. Out of the whole magazine I found 6 I was interested in…6!!  Here are two:

Nadia Sablin

Her work in B&W were really nice, mostly of the people of Ukraine. Great portraiture. The work in the magazine were black and white whereas on her website they are color…jury is still out on what is more effective.

Gary Vann

His work in B&W was incredible…I tried his website and it was undergoing some updating so I couldn’t access it. The one from the magazine I loved was Graffitti Patrol the gentleman standing against the wall is ghostly and quiet, I actually didn’t notice him right away and I love that. Black LightCobb Web Architecture are also nice.

Image(s) of the day are two by Sally Mann, whom I love!! I just saw that a documentry is finally coming out about her.. What Remains, which I promptly added to my Netflix! Review to come! I also added a documentry called Bomb It which is about graffitti art and history….check it out fellow banksters!!


A Record Setting Day and Other Ancedotes

28 Jun

Hi everyone,

I have very exciting news to report: since the last blog was posted I have been getting record amounts of people viewing my fun! One day it received 234 hits and then another day had 222 hits on the Banksy post alone.  That may seem like small potatoes but i am just glad the blog reaches more people than just my immediate family…hehehe. So now my blog has had over 3,000 hits since I first started. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

I wanted to share with you an idea I have been tossing around. As a recent college graduate, I have been doing the 9-5 job thing trying to figure out what to do with my degree and the rest of my life. I have had a recent offer to be an event planner and head of new membership for the private club I am employed by, a fun proposition, one that will certainly give me a good life in terms of paying bills and finding a nice place to live and it would also be something I would enjoy doing.

 But….I also have dreams of owning my own gallery. Something that I have been thinking about more and more. In fact there is a gallery space for sale in Savannah where the Jack Leigh Gallery had been operational since 1995. Something that I am very sad not to see on that corner anymore. For those of you who are not familiar with Jack Leigh he was a wonderful photographer best known for his photographs of “The Lowcountry” and of course The Bird Girl who graced the cover of Savannah’s main tourist attraction: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. After A Rain

Light bulb

Nancy\'s Shirt

two beds, two windows

I discovered Jack Leigh’s work like everyone else- on the cover of the book but when I took my photography classes I rediscovered his body of work and I think he is brilliant. The Two Windows, Two Beds is so simple but so beautiful and thoughtful. Thoughtful is also a good way to describe Nancy’s Shirt , there is just a longing and a peacefulness about that image. My favorite is the Light Bulb, Everytime I see that image I get taken a back, it is sooo simple but soo elegant and it just says so many things to me. I love it!!

So that was a long way of saying I really admire his work. Back to the gallery thought, I remember when his gallery closed almost a year ago. I felt like it was a loss for Savannah and for young and old photographers. As far as I know his darkroom was actually apart of the gallery and I find that endlessly fascinating. I have fantasies about reopening the gallery and using the darkroom to educate the community about darkroom processes and why it shouldn’t be forgotten. I was wondering if anyone out there in cyber world knew about how to deem a place historial based on a noteworthy person. Because I think that would be a great way to keep that building from being something else other than a gallery and educational center. If any body has ideas, or wants to invest ,or help me make up a business plan, please comment!!!!


I also wanted to note that all the pictures on this blog are Jack Leigh’s and pulled off Jack Leigh gallery online which can be found at




15 Jan

One of my favorite shows on TV is Sunday Morning on CBS. This Sunday I caught a quick minute of a story on Banksy the graffiti artist from London. His work is showing up all around London. The work is satirical, tongue and cheek and controversial. His work is primarily done with stencils and spray paint on very public walls, but apparently he recently had a gallery show where he painted on canvas instead of cement. His identity remains a secret.

I am a huge fan of graffiti art. Yes, I understand the controversy behind it but I think it just propels the medium even more. I do agree that is a form of vandalism but I also believe its is a new and exciting form of public art.

Decide for yourself: