2 Feb

In the last couple of weeks I have had a creative block. But today I have had a breakthrough!!! So here is a brainstorm of what I am thinking of: I have always had a fascination with old photographs and old letters. Well thanks to Ebay I have come across tons of old love letters that people have saved through the years. I have put bids on a couple of lots and am very excited. I wanted to use these letters as a starting point to tell a story. Using a Brownie Camera I received from my grandmother I want to create a narrative with a model and very simple backdrop. As I see it these letters are lost. The people who wrote back and forth to each other, with such passion and longing, are no longer with us and their stories are lost. I want to try to tell their stories with compassion and respect. I figure the sentiments enclosed in these letters are timeless. No matter who you are you can relate.


I am thinking about collaging several elements together using an encaustic method. Modeling them after old “packages” sweethearts carried with them. I found a really neat book that gives me a format to start from.


More to come….comments? suggestions? feedback?


One Response to “Brainstorm”

  1. Lisa Scarbrough February 12, 2008 at 9:28 pm #

    What an incredible and creative idea! And just in time for Valentine’s Day. It sounds like it might be an educational and insightful journey for you as well. Best of luck.

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