today’s pick city: Boston Mass.

1 Nov

Boston Mass. Is todays pick city and has fascinated me since a high school friend went to college there. Here are my current pros and cons- these will be amended because of my small amount of knowledge..


1. beautiful historic city

2. a good size city, not too small, not to big.

3. can be involved in nyc events without having to live there full time.

4. four seasons again….(also going to be a con)

5. in the middle of academia: harvard, tufts, boston college, MIT… smart people lots of lectures.

6. grad school possibilties

7.  cool art scene…theater, galleries, art museums



ok i need to further research..any additions??



One Response to “today’s pick city: Boston Mass.”

  1. Damian January 2, 2008 at 6:35 pm #

    An addendum since I am probably best suited to add:

    Close to mountains, oceans, NYC.
    Good music scene though MN is also strong.
    People are friendlier than in NY.
    Diverse activity type people.

    ~Ridiculous road layout, poor street signage.
    ~Administrative tasks like going to the DMV is much harder compared to MN.
    ~The only suntans are painted on.
    ~People somewhat more citified than in MN.

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